ten on tuesday 7.17.12

- i am a list machine right now. i love lists. downloaded this app. have yet to use it. i'm just so used to using the 'notes' section in my phone. but there's nothing like a good, old fashioned, pen and paper list. love crossing things off!

- i love summer. i just do. i think it's the daylight and that i can get so much done. makes me contemplate moving somewhere where we would experience more of it... almost. thinking i need to invest in a uv light when the time comes and stock up on some melatonin.

- the blogger app sucks. tried to upload last week from it, and couldn't. maybe i should delete it and try again?

- since this is turning out to be an app heavy post already, what the eff is up with map quest? i knew where we were going-ish. but just in case plugged it into our phone. the darn app took us so far out of our way it was ridiculous and it ended up that i was correct, so i shouldn't have doubted myself. blargh. anyone suggest any free gps apps?

- my dad makes an amazing hot pepper and pickled cucumbers. so good. yay that he has a productive garden and will share his creations with us.

- nick and i were trying to figure out if we should get a prescription filled for some antibiotics just in case we caught montezuma's revenge on vacation. there was a moment when we thought the medication would we have to take was flagyl. which would have sucked because they give it to alcoholics to deter drinking. it does not mix well with alcohol. which totally would have sucked on vacation. crisis averted! we found a different one! priorities, right?

- chewbacca is back home. think that might deserve a separate post too. but i know we have one happy kitty and one happy benjamin. what's not happy... our wallet. ;)

- the new refreshers from starbucks are dee-licious. i prefer the lime. and i even bought the packets to make em at home. it's pretty close taste-wise and a bit cheaper.

- had a dinner fail yesterday. was hurrying trying to get it all prepped. got distracted by ben. {not that it's an excuse.} and i grabbed the packet of seasoning and dumped it into my bowl full of cheese and realized it was zesty italian seasoning. NOT taco seasoning. oof! oops. so instead of mexican manicotti, we had tacos!

- hoping to learn how to do laundry in the next two days. yup, i've never done a load. whatever. judge away. but with nick leaving and only being home a few days before we both leave, i wanted to get a crash course, so i could clean and get started with the packing! wish me luck.

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