ten on tuesday 7.24.12

- i really wish people would take the the little stickers off of the sides of their old navy flips. it drives me bananas. {and why can't old navy make their flips in half sizes?}

- nick caught ben telling a lie. he called him out by saying, 'liar liar pants on fire.' ben replied, 'i don't want fire on me.'

- went out to dinner and when our food came out ben started crying hysterically. he had touched a fry and started yelling, 'it's hot.' so we told him to drop the fry and he cried even harder. i asked him what was wrong, thinking maybe he burned his finger or something, and he wailed, 'i can't eat a french fry.' poor kid. like we starve him or something!

- watching storage wars and heard, 'my dad is being such a richard.' zomg, i love it! so gonna use it!

- ben referred to mc donald's as old mc donald's the other day.

- one of our neighbors who has a pool, also has a young daughter who screams constantly when they're in it. so not cool at 10pm. yes, i'm an old maid.

-  was brain dead at work today. faxed two pages stapled together. doh. i think the crazy storms made for a crazy day.

- yesterday ben told me i was his best friend. just randomly. so sweet.

- had high hopes to watch some chick flicks this weekend. gotta fit em in when the hubby is away, but i didn't watch a single one! i did see project runway though!

- yay for running into friends at old navy. double yay when they can use a coupon that you're weren't going to because you were just exchanging something.

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