recipe time!

gonna share some recent recipe successes and failures.
i'm pretty sure every single one of them was found on pinterest!

peanut ginger stir fry. blech. was really bland. even with all the ginger and scallions. ended up adding soy sauce, and that's never good!

linguine with bread crumbs. i used premade crumbs. too lazy to make my own. wasn't crazy tasty. but would work in a pinch.

honey garlic chicken. yum! the sauce was good alone on the noodles if you don't want to deal with the chicken.

spaghetti with tomatoes, olives, and feta. so good. nick couldn't stop eating it.

turkey sausages with beans. might be a repost. oh my god, so good. such a good, hearty meal.

spaghetti aglio. another possible duplicate. but worth it. ;)

cucumber boats. a hit. well, ben was confused about how to eat them. so it was a bit messy. but nick ate all of them. and requested more the next day. perfect since my dad's garden is a cucumber producing machine!

apple rings. fail. ended up chopping the apple and throwing it into the mix with some extra cinnamon. much better!

breakfast lasagna. maybe i posted this too. thumbs up from at least 5 men/boys. total keeper.

puffins. pancake + muffin. cute. fun.

trix-krispies. took for the fourth. was a bit hot for marshmallowy goodness. oh well.

chile colorado burritos. yum. i love mexican. this was a different alternative to chicken and pork that wasn't just ground beef tacos. not too spicy but that was remedied with some jalapenos.

crock pot ham. yes, i made ham in the summer. whatever. i don't care if it is a 'winter' food. ;P was good. we were impatient and probably should have let it sit a bit longer after basting but oh well. simple and easy and pretty tasty. ben couldn't get enough.

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