pinterest party. june = headbands!

{edited to add... was coming here to apologize for my absence and write about what we've been up to and i noticed that this never posted. so i'm posting it now. and hopefully, i'll be back with a new post monday. have had a busy week and a busier weekend ahead. ;)}

last minute get together. so we went with something super simple and that used supplies we had on hand. yay jamie for donating all of nick's tshirts! :)

we based it on this tutorial.

i don't have a lot of pictures. too busy working!

i stayed with simple. no beads. no five strands. just a plain jane braid.

the following was stolen from jamie. it's the only picture of me wearing one of these that is acceptable. 

the finished product. made three. not so bad considering a certain someone only made one. they're really kind of nice. like that you can make them to fit your head. some are just so tight and some are terribly loose!

some of the girls did add beads to theirs... super cute. but not sure what that would look like with my uber thin hair!  maybe some day i'll be a little more adventurous with my crafts. ;)

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