wip 6.23.12

can't tell you what i did. oh wait, i knew i would forget so i put it in my phone. i'm a thinker!
and seriously, it was so boring. no wonder i couldn't remember.

the noteworthy bullet? that i only purchased items that were on my list when i went to target. miracle!

made dinner {and corn in the microwave is so good. steamed in 5 minutes. awesome!} and then we headed out to pick up a few things from costco and some new bras for me. tmi? sorry. they're the best bras ever!

ben has always been a fan of corn. he has learned to enjoy it on the cob as of late. apparently, the vertical way makes removing the last few kernels easier, i guess?

not the best pic. just happy nick thought to take a pic and then text me with it since i have no idea what i was doing and missed it!

after the planned costco stop, and unplanned babies r us stop, we hit up the mall.
when we got there ben asked if it was for a birthday party. dude, we went last july to the painted penguin for a party. and we've probably been back less than five times since... can you tell?

ben loved the escalator. couldn't wait to leave vs so he could go back on it!

we were all up early. let ben say his goodbyes to orbit. so hard.

almost as soon as nick left, he asked for a bath. so we went!
his bathroom sink has become my new folding station. so nice to pass some time while he plays.  

'look momma. i got bubbles on my nose.'

nick came home and we headed out to see brave.  met up with nick's mom. we were originally going to see madagascar 3 but ben chose brave instead.

ben was distracted by the previews. ignore his crazy face. :)

and yup, he fell asleep during it. nick said it was because i let him climb in my lap and get all snuggly. of course, i'm gonna let him climb in my lap and get all snuggly. what momma would pass that up?

came home and spent some time outside. 

and spent some time in the pool after his nap and after gigi left. 

so funny. wanted to 'ride' the pool. 

have some pretty funny video of nick knocking ben into the pool per ben's request. 

i think we need to figure out a stair situation for shorty.

the tastiest ice cream ever. hello, potato chips in ice cream. genius!

and i did some prep for breakfast. in 9 years, i don't think i've ever separated eggs. loved that they looked like a flower...

the boys came over and ate some breakfast before heading out for frisbee golf. {two thumbs up from those who ate it. and wasn't too much of a pain to make. minus the separating!}

his army guys fit in his little house!

playing with chewy.

after naps for ben and myself and once nick was home from golfing we headed outside.
someone wanted to pretend the pool was a horse again. 

racing daddy.

loved when nick made a big splash. 

ate some strawberries from our plant. had to put em higher this year so the gd bunnies couldn't eat them before we could! ate a whole two of em. ben liked em. keeps asking to eat the other ones. doesn't get why we can't eat the green ones. loving our low key garden this year.

back at the sand table. another awesome purchase that has totally been worth the money.

and trying out his new lighthouse slide. were able to get it from is daycare for quite a steal. 

helping nick with the last of the bolts!

perfect weekend. a bit of go and a bit of relaxing and a bit of shopping. :)

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