ten on tuesday 6.12.12

- i had intended to do a 12 on the 12th post this month. however, considering today, at work, i couldn't figure out why an authorization was marked expired when it said good til 6.3.12. oof! and it's only tuesday...

- and speaking of work, for the first time in my nursing career, i almost sneezed while giving someone a shot. pfwhoa. that was scary. i warded it off and my patient was safe. ;)

- think it's awesome that a girlfriend thought to text me a picture of her cuke martini. love that i had a similar picture on my phone and texted it back. i love these random text shares. makes me smile.

- made california burgers from our weber's grilling book. so, so, so good. the topping was delish. i love that book! could have done without the grilled poblano peppers in the burger. have to remember that for next time.

- got our outfits for the warrior dash this weekend. boys will match and girls will match. can't wait. but it's gonna be hot. do you think the mud is cooling?

- how do all of these firework places get away advertising that they have the world's cheapest fireworks? you think i could sue them for false advertisement if i went some where else and found that if i bought 1 i could get 7 free and not just 6?

- why do semi's think it's okay to park in the center turn lane?

- stained our deck this weekend. well, part of it. trying out this new product. it's a pain in the ass. and why did we do it on the hottest freaking days? more on that on my weekend update.

- found out that ben's daycare is closing this month. so sad. feel so bad for all those people out of jobs. feel sad for my beaner starting at a new school... and we have to make some decisions quick! ack!

- and speaking of ben... have found him like this the past two mornings.

in our doorway. the first night it was because he had a fit about who knows what, maybe water, in the middle of the night and we let him cry it out. he knew he was in trouble and couldn't come in our room, so i think he parked it in the hallway. i have no clue why he ended up that way this morning. maybe it's because it's light out so early? he thinks it's time to wake up even though his green light isn't on and then he sees we are still sleeping.... i don't know!

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