i can't think of a witty title.
i'm brain dead.
this week has been a killer.
yesterday's anniversary was a nice little reprieve from the insanity. ;)

our self portrait edited in iphoto.

yes, nick is a bit tipsy. it's what a tasting will do to you before you eat dinner. and yes, he knew he was gonna take a silly pic. he called it before i even clicked the shutter button! {i only did it once, not bad considering i had to turn the camera so we could use the flash...}

we don't exchange gifts. haven't for quite some time. but i did a little search out of curiosity to find out what i would be entitled to after nine years... :)  pottery, willow, or leather. and the stone is lapis lazuli with the alternate being amethyst. amethyst i could do. might have to work on that one!  ooh, maybe i can barter for some cool jewelry when we're in mexico. i can pretend i'm raquel and make a hell of a deal!

but seriously. i love him. i love us. i love our family. i love who we have become over these past 19 years. i'm anxious to see who we become over the next 19+ years. i hope we continue to grow both as individuals and as a couple. that we continue to support each other through thick and thin. that we never give up on one another. that despite arguments and disagreements we are a team. today. tomorrow. forever. xo! 

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Jamie Goins said...

happy anniversary...you should always accept gifts :)