ten on tuesday 6.26.12

- i have a pretty good memory. some days it's a blessing and some it's a curse.

- think it's ridiculous that someone would move their car from the target side of the parking lot to the strack's side. seriously. park in between the two stores and walk.

- july is gonna be crazy. i'm overwhelmed just thinking about it!

- we have an incident with a missing library book. i know i returned it and they don't have that it was ever checked back in. so traumatic for me... i've never had a late fee. ever. ugh!

- got a pretty serious jury duty questionnaire. 43 pages.

- was talking to a coworker about the spam ka bobs we had this weekend. another coworker turned to me and said, 'you don't look like you would eat that.' my reply, 'what other misconceptions about me should we clear up?' love all those preconceived notions that people swear they don't have but really do.

- it's official. we are a one cat family. ;( so hard to explain to ben what was going to happen. tried the best we could. told him that orbit had been sick. and he was able to tell us what he had been doing that meant he didn't feel well. so we told him then that he was going to go to heaven to feel better but this meant that we couldn't see him any more. gave him some hugs and kisses and nick took orbit to the vet. ben would periodically mention orbit over the weekend. little things like, 'orbit is in heaven.' 'we only have one cat now.' 'he was sick. he's better now.' yesterday morning before work/school, ben said 'i miss orbit. can i go see him in heaven?' broke my heart.

- must find time to compile a pinterest recipe post. have tried some pretty tasty things the past few months.

- nick was outside staining the deck this evening... trying to find time to fit it in! decided to let chewbacca go out and play in the grass. he got a little carried away and ended up rubbing himself on the newly stained deck. good news. the stain matches his fur! ;)

- am not looking to finishing out this work week. today was a wild ride and the rest of the week isn't looking up. yay for girl's night friday. i'm gonna need it!

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