pinterest party. bracelets!

was super stoked for bracelets. maybe that's why i picked them as the project! yay for hosting and getting to decide what we make. ;)

i had a few that i really wanted to try but i didn't want to have too many options. we tend to drink and chat and not necessarily create the entire time.

i knew, for sure, that i wanted to make these adjustable bracelets.  thank goodness for the video! and even with the video we had a bit of a time with the one part! but i loved how they turned out. cannot wait to make some more. {i hope i can really find some time!}

also made these. had a hard time finding pearls this time of year. so i bought some mardi gras beads instead. totally worked. totally fun. derya was super smart and cut the bracelets to make them smaller so her daughter could play dress up with them. and so perfect for me since i have tiny wrists!

val was the only one who experimented with these. i still think they're really cool looking and hopefully, i can give em a go at some point.

my work space. so many decisions!

someone playing on her phone and not paying attention. no wonder it took her longer to figure it all out! :-P

then we {or val and jamie} decided we needed to make real friendship bracelets. i have never ever made them. and still haven't. i stuck to playing with my glue gun at this point in the evening.

val couldn't get her tape to hold the thread on the table, so she used her toes? what?! she couldn't figure out why we all didn't make them this way back in the day. my excuse, that i've never made them.

and the finished bracelets: a toe jam infested 'tornado' bracelet, jamie's friendship bracelet, two beaded bangles, and two adjustable friendship bracelets. not pictured: an adjustable one i made for miss shelli, who only came for the company.  and to have everyone make stuff for her! ;) {please ignore the cut off hands in my photo. apparently, val thought the bracelets were all that mattered!}

not a lot of pictures this month. was a pretty labor intensive party. who knew?!

can't wait for next month! and yay for not hosting and having to pick a project. ;-)

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