ten on tuesday 6.5.12

- i think last week we experienced a first... we actually went through an entire carton of ice cream. that never happens. we usually throw it away because it's got freezer burn!

- i am itching to thrift. not sure when i can squeeze it in.

- think that ben is gonna participate in the library's summer reading program. it's free and he's obsessed with the library as of late. seems like a win win.

- why do people think it's okay to take a drink of something when you're on the phone with them? i could understand if they were having a coughing fit or something but just to take a big swig mid sentence, so not cool.

- had an actual broom in the kitchen, as opposed to our usual swiffer, and ben asked, 'daddy, is this broom for flying?' too much harry potter for him!

- need to reorganize a few pinterest boards. my type a self is annoyed with a few of them.

- i need a vacation. nick needs a vacation. july cannot get here soon enough! for both our mini getaway with friends, nick's boy's trip, and our get away.

- i am on a serious tattoo kick. i go in spurts. but i'm really wanting one. and where i want it, isn't exactly hidden and i have huge issues about visible tats at work. i know, i know. old fashioned but i can't help it!

- i think i've decided against a garden. i just don't have the time. we have lots of outdoor projects that we want to tackle and so i'm choosing to put the garden on the back burner. i do have some herbs and a few small plants on our deck. couldn't give it up completely. ;)

- randomly thought about my shuttercal project from last year. i stopped updating in august! so sad. i have the pics. hopefully, i can find time to update and upload. and then maybe tackle the project again next year!?

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