wip 6.2.12

i didn't even think to pull out the camera until after ben's bath. gasp! not sure if it was because my day was a regular ole friday or what...

ben in his super cute robe.

a pile of hangers after going through his closet.

i really don't like updating and changing out sizes. ugh, so thankful it isn't as frequent these days! {and i dislike it so much, that all the clothes are still laying in and on top of that giant container waiting to be folded. it's almost a week later! i'll find some time, some day... at least i moved it out of his room and to another location!}

ben watching harry potter in his blanket cape with his new 'yo-yo'. {target $ spot find. so not worth the dollar. died later that day.}

his jousting stick is now a broom? 

a quick trip to the library for more books. 

and next door to stop and shop for their famous weekend grilling.


seriously. who parks like this? i hate people. 

somebody is sleepy. there is a string of drool. yes, he'll hate me for this some day. but it's cute! was able to return a few things while nick and ben stayed in the car. yay for naps and errands coinciding nicely.

then he woke up and we did some researching/shopping for home stuff.
there was a crazy down pour that was completely unexpected. ben thought it was terribly loud.

a new project for the deck...

found this ginormo chair at menards. nick thinks we should get it for my dad for father's day!

and our final purchases in the back of his car. new doormat, edging for the shed, mulch stuff for the soon to be fire pit area, lawn games, and who knows what else. still have to figure out what to put around the garden boxes once we move those.

headed over to my parent's house last minute. forgot my brother was having a one year later, disaster party.

nick took a turn at cutting some wood.

where above mentioned wood came from. a storm went through a week earlier and took out our their apple tree. so sad. so naked back there. i don't like it!

my dad hard at work. when he finished he declared, 'grandpa 1, stump 0!'

and a view from the pool deck.
{the swimming pictures are actual rebel pictures. the rest are iphone photos. sorry it's what's handy.}

ben wanted to go swimming. he told nick it wasn't too cold when he stuck his hand in to check it out.

silly face. 

trying out the water.

kevin thinks it is too cold.

 ben still isn't so sure.

yup. now he is. too cold. sorry nick. you got in for nothing! :)

a blurry ben and his army men and robot.

my dad's new favorite bottle. it is pretty cool.

yes, it's filled with liquor. tequilla. wasn't too bad.


and a random shot.

and some boys trying to pull down a tree limb damaged by the same storm that took out that apple tree.


my morning to sleep in. but i couldn't. was too nice of a day. so we decided to go to the farmer's market. ben decided to smoosh chewbacca while nick and i were getting ready.

following dad around.  ben loves it. he loves seeing the doggies and petting the friendly ones.

he loves the cheese station and all of the samples.

ben even managed to spot some of his friends from daycare!

my purchases: tomato plants, jalapenos, basil, cilantro. 

ben helping me water after they were all planted.

 then it was yard work time while ben napped.
nick attacking our tree that has gotten completely out of control.

and that's where the pictures stop. we did a lot. nick filled in and planted a new boxwood where we dug up our old annoying plant on a whim earlier in the week. i split some of our stella's and planted them in from of the garage. we trimmed trees. nick started the edging around the shed. he started replacing our mail box that randomly broke saturday. 

this is what it looked like monday morning on my way to work. yup, missing. thankfully, it only looked like that for one day! so happy nick is handy!

we also grilled and had a visit from kevin. then we sat around like a bunch of slugs and watched a million dvr'd shows. 

yay for a productive yet fun weekend. feel like we've neglected the home front a bit since we've been so busy. makes me happy we were able to get so much done. ;)

oh and yes we kept with our grilling tradition. pork chops and apples. grilled. a bit salty since we let them soak quite some time in the brine. oops. but still tasty.

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