wip 6.4.11

again, i can't tell you what i did during the day. le sigh.
but friday night was the glee concert! i'm only sharing pictures now. maybe some video later...

john and nick in the limo on the way to pick up tom. they couldn't sit any other direction or they would get carsick!

a quick dinner at chili's before the concert. it was so crazy in there, we had to split up. but luckily our booths were right across from one another!

my love.

my love and courtney {one of his all time favorite contestants on sytycd!!} he was in heaven. 

some shots from throughout the concert.

and us in the limo post concert. dan and i didn't even realize that we were both sticking our tongues out at nick. quite funny! 

and nick when we finally made it home! ;)

nick helped my parents redo their roof.

ben seeing a garbage truck up close for the first time. i think he would have chased it down the street if we would have let him!

then we headed home to relax. and nap. and then the crazy weather came through. i have never gone to the basement during a storm. but this time i did. i woke ben up from his nap and we headed down. i think the lightening and the hall simultaneously along with hearing the deck box slide across the deck was pretty frightening...

we emerged after about 10 minutes to this...
not too bad at first glance. at least to our home.

missing deck box lid which i found.

compost bin is gone. our neighbors found it in their front yard. it's in the garbage now...

our neighbors fence. it took a beating in three separate spots. 

our neighbors poor house.

someone's pool cover blown off of the pool!

almost everyone with a pvc fence had damage...

ben checking everything out.

our neighbor's swing set. 

in the cul de sac by our home. poor trees.

a random tree in someone's yard down the street. it blew there from one house over.

in the next subdivision. 

we made it to grandma and grandpa's to check out their damage. they had no roof when the storm blew through! and some of the boys were crazy enough to be on the roof trying to protect the home.

ben liked playing in the puddles.

kevin, aka jebediah, after all the craziness.

then we came home and i snapped a few more pics of the damage.
as far as i know, there were no injuries. so lucky. it could have been so much worse!

went back over to my parents to see if we could help with anything...
ben enjoyed passing on water and gatorade to the boys. yes, he had a bow on his head. we're weird. whatever. ;P

then he found a noodle from the pool and wanted to play with it.

daddy, 'up please.'

the boys hard at work.

playing with rocks in the driveway.

helping grandpa clean up by catching garbage being thrown down from the roof.

the boys.

phew. we had some pretty busy back to back weekends.
and if you stuck with all 39383 pictures in the post and made it to the end... good job! and thanks! ;)


psucolleen said...

You had great seats for that concert! I bet it was amazing to see/hear them in person.

Still can't get over all that destruction in your area... amazing how one thing is spared while something only yards away was fine. Glad you fared pretty well!

And I just can't stand how cute Ben is!

Kache said...

Wow, scary storm! I'm the first one looking for a basement during storms :)

Can't believe you went to the Glee concert, how cool!

Carrie said...

Glee concert looked like fun! Crazy year so far for stormy weather. Glad you guys didn't have any damage. And I agree with Colleen, Ben is sooo cute!!