wip 5.21.11

i stayed home, but ben went to daycare.
was hoping to have some time to clean and grocery shop. i, however, couldn't get motivated at all! so i slept in a bit and then putzed around with some of the garden stuff. ;)
finally grabbed ben from daycare after thoroughly cleaning the house and shopping by myself!

nick and jer bear worked on the swing set in the evening. and ben and i were just hanging out.
fridays are kind of hit and miss with mr. ben. i think he enjoys some 'quiet' time after being in daycare all week. when i'm home with him, he sometimes takes 2 naps for a couple of hours each.

tonight was one of his nights. i ended up putting him down for a nap at like 530. he slept for hours. so i was able to plant the garden and get other stuff into pots. yay! oh and try out my new camera. {that i'm still undecided about keeping.}

the old scallions. couldn't believe they came back!

plotting out the garden!

he finally did wake up and we played 52 pick up. a lot. he loves the mini deck of cards from the dollar store!

the last minute rush to finish the swing set before we had people over.

love that the lazy bum is in the same clothes. he's getting funny about things like that now.

friend time!!

 ben and gabby and drea.

 the boys playing bags.

sore loser! ;)



the girls.

 our usual pose.

and then one with a photo bomber. 

dude shots. yummers.

baby sage and ben's old sunglasses. she was not a fan.

dave mad that the girls won!

the proof is all gone!

nick decided to go play softball with the boys. that was after we made a mad dash to dick's because his arches have fallen and he needs all new shoes....

beaner watching daddio.

and enjoying the park.

that evening was family night. silly weather changed all of our dinner plans. oh well.
ben liked splashing in the puddles on the deck.

and wanted to feed orbit.

then wanted to lay down just like aunt michelle. 

and played with some play doh while we played some games. 

holy heck. uber photos this time. i have the hardest time editing! must work on that!!

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