wip 5.28.11

memorial day weekend!

ack. who knows what happened during the day. seriously, i need to take notes!
in the evening, we met up with john, bill, and the girls for dinner. the kids were a bit crazy but that's okay. we had a nice time anyway!

gabby, ben, and drea.

 then we ran to target. ben insisted on wearing his sunglasses.. at night.
and then saw that target had transformed the giant red balls outside into beach balls. he was in heaven!


nick and ben tried to take a bike ride before the rain came...

went to dinner and saw hangover two with a bunch of friends.

was insanity.
got up early to go to work with nick. hit up the scrambled dinner and the local farmer's market. came home and napped. headed out to mike and ryan's to visit with everyone and then went to the 49er. phew!

ben enjoying some leftover bubble wrap at daddy's work.

mmm. our favorite breakfast place.

shopping at the farmer's market. ben loves seeing all the doggies. ;)

at mike and ryan's. playing with asti. 

drive in time. it was soo muddy! we didn't let ben out of the car. he found plenty of ways to entertain himself inside.... like racing cars on mommy. 

love this picture.

the kid likes popcorn!

and honking the horn during the preview song. {we were pretty sure ben would love this part and he did...}

took a trip to south bend to visit the zoo. it was nice. but we prefer fort wayne. and we've decided to give brookfield another chance sometime this summer...

ignore the crazy hair. boy needs a haircut...
he loved the fishies. quite possibly his favorite part!

he chose to ride the pony. and he liked it for one lap!

we were lucky enough to see a peacock show off its feathers. so cool. was a little slow to grab the camera...

family photo. <3

ben pulling the wagon that he didn't want to sit in.

there was this crazy flamingo that just walked along the fence. he was so cool. i was mesmerized.

ben showing us the butterflies in the butterfly garden.

ben not happy to be leaving.

then it was off to gabby and drea's aka john and bill's to swim!

ben loved it. was splashing and sliding in from the pool ledge.

and playing on the slide into the kiddie pool. we are so doing this for him this summer!

just chilling.

jumping on the trampoline! ;)

thoroughly enjoying his star kiss from dq.

uber messy baby!

we headed home to clean up our messy little boy and i think we all passed out.
it was one jam packed weekend!

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Carrie said...

If your'e ever looking for a weekend get away, try the Milwaukee County Zoo in Wisconsin. It's pretty great.