ten on tuesday. 6.21.11

- blogging yesterday did not even cross my mind. i completely forgot about it. oops!
- i made pw's iced coffee. holy schnikes! that stuff is strong. just a warning.
- finally bought myself mason jars {that i have wanted for approximately the past year}. bought two packs of 12... think i need to go grab one more of the biggest size too. yes, i have a problem.
- this is the most delicious chicken marinade. might help that might husband is now a master, charcoal griller!
- am completely fed up with certain things/people. it's okay, i'm okay. just annoyed....
- ben had a massive, ridiculous meltdown yesterday. i can't even remember what it was about. but it lasted at least 30 minutes. i couldn't help but laugh at him a few times. it was so silly.
- the bunnies have eaten my peppers and some corn too! next year, i'm making nick but up some unattractive chicken wire.
- cannot believe it's really almost the fourth of july. it seems like summer just started. sigh... i need to be a school nurse so i can enjoy these summers! :-]
- ben LOVED swimming at my parents this weekend.  that makes me beyond happy.
- i hate mosquitos. how are they this awful already?!?

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