ten on tuesday. 6.28.11

- when nick dropped off ben at daycare today a little girl asked her mom why that man was wearing pajamas. the mom then had to explain that those are called scrubs. to which the little girl replied, i want some!
- it's almost firework time!!
- nick thinks he is nicki minaj. he can't/won't stop singing 'super bass'
- holy deliciousness. if you like coconut, make these.
- i am beyond excited to eat here. i don't care how expensive the bill will be!
- wishes that ben were just a bit taller... they had bike day at school and he still can't reach the pedals on any of his bikes!
- cannot wait for this to arrive on my doorstep. thank you colleen for enlightening me! ;)
- found another book list. hoping to cross some of those off the list as soon as i finish pride and prejudice! i make myself alternate between fun books and classics.
- thinking we are going to take ben to his first parade this year. i hope he loves it!
- a new favorite summer drink. yum.


Carrie said...

I want at babycakes maker! Looks fun.

The boys LOVE Arnold Palmer tea/lemonade, the original. We found a powder mix for it at Sam's. They go thru gallons of this stuff year round.

Kache said...

Nicki minaj, crack me up