8 is great!

i think i say this every year, but i cannot believe i have been married for eight years!

our most recent self portrait. taken at the glee concert friday night. ;)

- i love that we continue to grow individually and as a couple.
- i love that he is there for my family, no matter what. {an example: this weekend. he selflessly helped my parents redo their roof. and was even silly enough to be on the roof during the, 100mph winds, trying to secure tarps so they didn't have water damage...}
- i love how he's such a hands on daddy.
- i love that we still have date nights together.
- i love that he lets me lay on him when we're watching tv shows. and gets mad when i don't!
- i love that he helps around the house. {i still don't know how to do laundry!}
- i love his easy going nature.
- i love his salt and pepper hair, even if he says i'm responsible for every single gray! ;P

so there's my eight random i loves for today.
thinking i should do the 'i like' book for our next year. maybe to end on our tenth anniversary...

and another random tidbit about this date -
tetris was released. might be my absolute, all time favorite game.

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Carrie said...

Happy Anniversary!!