wip 6.11.11

woke up to a semi flooded basement. thank goodness nick got the alarm sensor thingy-ma-bob after our sump went out last time. i just wish it was loud enough to wake me up upstairs. but i heard it when we woke up otherwise, who knows what kind of a mess our basement would have been in.

no great pictures. the main ones that i took are for the insurance company regarding my parents roof. nothing worth sharing.
did have girl's night with nick's mom and aunt. dinner at pf changs and bridesmaids. good night!

my mom and grandma came over to watch ben while we tackled the basement.  it was so funny to hear ben running around upstairs while we were down there. you would have thought it was a herd of elephants not one little two year old!

ben did get a hold of our water camera. he seems to use it more than his own little camera. and since it's shock proof too, we let him use it. got some funny pictures from his perspective. love is chubby little fingers in all of the pictures! ;)

and we got some new googles for him to wear at grandma and grandpa's pool and gigi's beach. he loves them. silly beans.

pretty sure that evening nick and i just chilled. maybe watched the roommate. holy cow that girl is cray-cray!

tori and abbi's birthday festivities.

ben enjoyed the little bounce house!

daddy losing at bags.

ben loving the sandbox. 

and the fun candy necklace in his goodie bag.

i feel like i'm forgetting something.
i know it was one of our less crazy weekends. and i'm pretty sure we enjoyed doing less, especially after the past few...


psucolleen said...

Purple sand!?!?! I want purple sand!!!!

Hey... Ben's quite the photographer there!

Carrie said...

love the one of ben with the swim goggles on, cute!

Kache said...

Bounce house is very funny!