ten on tuesday 6.19.12

- so tired. so tired that i knowingly decided against posting last night for sleep. not sure what the rest of this week will hold blog-wise.  hoping to have something again thursday but no promises.

- our grass looks ridiculous right now. it's been so dry and our sprinklers haven't really helped.... so we have some areas that our seeding and some that are so dry. pretties. ;)

- thinking we might be down one kitty after the weekend. can't figure out what's going on with mister orbit. makes me sad...

- have decided on ben's new school. now we just have to decide when to start him... his daycare closes the 29. i am on vacation for the majority of the week after that. do we send him half days to give him time to adjust, do we keep him home and not pay for a week and send him full time the following week?!?

- have lots going on with a lot of different family members health-wise. trying to find the balance of taking care of everyone and ourselves at the same time. think part of my above mentioned fatigue is mental exhaustion!

- the other morning nick was complaining about how hot it was during the night. even commented about how he took our down comforter off the bed and replaced it with the lighter one... i had to fess up. i had been so cold without the down comforter, that i turned on my mattress heater! it was just my side, didn't think he would notice that much!

- made a version of this for this past weekend. didn't wear it. went with our coordinated tie dyed shirts instead. now i have to find a reason to wear it... it's some crazy, bright tie dye one from good will. and no, i forgot to take an after picture. maybe someday.

- this weather is insane. it's not supposed to be 100 degrees yet. it's only june.

- having a hard time getting into this book. maybe it's because everyone is talking about those darn grey books. and i have em sitting on my shelf...

- making what i hope will be a super tasty drink for tomorrow's pinterest party. yay girl time, even if i'm exhausted. they'll make me laugh and smile and it'll be totally worth it!

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Colleen said...

I'm sorry to hear about your family members & their health. Been dealing with quite a bit of that myself for the past few months. Just don't wear down yourself trying to be there for everyone.

That's great that you made a choice on Ben's school! Kids always adjust WAY more easily than the parents do!

That drink looks REALLY good! I want to know how it turns out. Enjoy!!!