wip 6.9.12

i had a dentist appointment. thought it would be a good idea to take ben with me. he could see me getting my teeth cleaned and maybe he would be cool with it for next time.

he was so interested. ;) was pretty darn good sitting there watching tv and watching momma get her teeth cleaned. then the lady offered ben a turn. she started by just counting his teeth. then she asked if he wanted the little sucker thing that mom had. of course he did! i swear, he could have played with it all day long!

 then we headed to target for birthday gifts and a super hero book. {it's his new thing. he was captain america for a few days. now he's the hulk.}

and he was amazing in both target and strack's so we got a shake. strawberry this time! :)

that evening we headed out for dinner with nick's mom. 

 turned in early because we knew saturday was gonna be a busy day....

deck staining time.

a few befores...

and some during...

got the first coat down and then headed off to a birthday party.

ben enjoyed the pool. ;)
he had it mostly to himself because we got there so late. he didn't care though!

some how dairy belle came up at the party... so guess where we had to go... yup.
thank you ernesto. ;)
and sorry for the not so great pics. was too lazy to move and only had my phone on me. darn outfit with no pockets!

he likes it. 

blurry pic of his darn poodle.

someone was messy!

then nick headed off to work and ben and i headed home.
he wanted to have a bed on his floor. so we did. pardon the crazy flash on this pic... but it was dark!

more staining for us. gibi picked up ben and took him for a fun filled day. i gave my camera to bri and was so happy that they actually took some pictures!

fun at the park after they went out to breakfast and ben spotted john and bill and the girls!

and then it was back to gibi's to play with marley, eat lunch, and take a nap.
as soon as he got up, i guess he asked michelle about playing in the pool. so they came over and he played in one.

i love my pool...

yup. still staining.


laying out like bri.

we did manage to finish staining all of the non vertical portions. phew. such a pain in the ass. and my carpal tunnel hated me. ugh. now we just have to find time to do the rest of it... and hope that it lasts as long as they say it will. i'm hoping at least 15 years!

it's kind of a funny texture. kinda like stucco. you could have taken another step to smooth out the bumps, but i was tired. so lumpy and bumpy it is!

here are a few pics from tuesday morning. 

i'm excited that this weekend has no deck staining on the agenda... can't say the same for the one after that though! ;-)

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