enjoying today.

spent a lovely evening at the park celebrating a super, special 5 year old's birthday. ;)
no gifts for our kids. christmas or birthday. instead we have vowed to have some mini vacations and get aways for fun. memories are better than things, right? looking forward to one we have coming up! but back to our evening...
first time at redar park. gasp! i know. bad parents. whatever. will definitely be going back. loved that they have public restrooms!

mr. ben on the spider web section. love that little tongue sticking out.

ben and wynn rocking out on the bridge.

my love.

i'm totally jealous of ben's swing.

self photo in above mentioned swing. :)

birthday girl and her rapunzel cake.

of course, he only at the icing.

played some ball with the boys.
i swear, this ball did NOT hit ben. it just looks that way and was too funny not to post.

we worked with him on moving the 'mitt' to 'catch' the ball. he finally got it.

checking out the big boys playing football.

back to the bridge with his little accomplice. however, i believe there was a troll hanging out under the bridge which created some pretty cute giggles and lots of smiles.

concentrating hard on not falling off!

and time for some football.
ben held it for nick.

and now it's his turn.

king ben wanted to try out braiden's new crowns. and of course he picked the purple one, pink wasn't an option. it was that or yellow.

walking back to the car, ben pointed and said, 'look at that big button momma.' had to snap a quick picture.

have gotten away from documenting things other than the weekend. must try to be better. but i'm always torn since i usually have the point and shoot. i'm thinking i would rather have not so great pictures rather than none at all...

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