wip 7.7.12 part one.

dividing this one up. would have been too many photos for one post.

our fun filled week spills into the weekend. ;)

ben went back to school for a half day. was able to do a few errands and pack things for our mini get away with the coopers.

we got a late start. christy got stuck at work.
were finally able to leave for indy around 6.
but even though we left that late, the drive wasn't bad because we still had sunlight! {when we head down for christmas it's such a long drive.}

my favorite part of the drive: wind farm!
they were barely moving. 

then there were some crazy guys 'flying' over 65 when we got closer to indy.

made it to nick's aunt and uncle's house. yay for generous family letting us crash at their place.
the kids were in heaven in the play room.
look, wynn almost fell into the toy box she was so excited!

we tried letting the kids sleep in one room. it worked for a bit. until ben woke up screaming. who knows why. so he ended up coming onto our little area out in the bigger part of the basement. and of course, he hogged momma side of the floor!

saturday. happy birthday christy!
headed to the children's museum after a delicious pancake breakfast made by our wonderful hostess.
here we go!

they had an amazing chihuly exhibit.

ben was happy in lego land. he loved all the cars. 

i think ben is just like his daddy. wanted to do anything and everything that was computer related.

some random harry potter trivia we noticed while in the dragon exhibit. 

 look! another computer.

had an opportunity to make a little car. so i did. 

the darn wheels kept popping off. pipe cleaner isn't the sturdiest wheel holder on-er!

but he was happy and that's all that matters.

another favorite of ben's was the trains.

and wait, yet another computer.

braiden and ben checking on the cool chihuly ceiling.

and yet another computer.

the pressners! 

the kids had a blast playing with the dinosaur eggs. braiden and wynn loved dressing up. ben, not so much.

yay water tables. 

a bulldozer that he could actually climb into? he was loving it!

scooped up a cute little girl too.

in the dog house. 

riding the round and round. {thank you john and bill. my kid will never call it a merry go round!}
and a silly photo-bomber.

 nick cannot ride em. so it's always mommy's turn. all that spinning makes him sick!

miss wynn was very impatient waiting to ride a second time. she entertained herself by playing with the glass divider. jas had the brilliant idea to try to take a random shot with the camera facing them. so glad he did...

group shot! ignore the crazy red eyes. my only pet peeve with the water camera. need to pull out the manual.

time for some make believe. ben loved this one little house. braiden enjoyed the ice cream parlor next door and wynnie just ran between the two to see what ben and braiden were doing.

we went exploring in a tunnel.

another car!

found a really cool ball that straps to his wrist. so we never have to chase a ball!

met our friend willy for dinner at caslers. had some tot-chos. if you have the chance, try em. what's not to love about tater tots slatherd in nacho fixings?

wynn and ben loved 'playing' pac-man. we let them believe they were playing when it was just the credits. does that make us mean parents?

came home around ten. pretty impressive that we were gone so long. the kids were troupers. ben was a little touch and go for a while. thankfully, he managed to snag a thirty minute nap during the planetarium show.

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