fourth festivities. 2012 edition.

i love the fourth of july. love it. not sure if it's the summer and warmth and memories from childhood. or just the fireworks because they're my favorite. ;)

i stayed home during the week. decided to take some time off. didn't want to work with the holiday in the middle of the week and i knew fireworks might be tuesday evening, my night to close the office, and i didn't want to chance it! good thing i didn't, because they were and my coworkers were there late. phew.
it also worked with ben transitioning to his new school. again, maybe a separate post?

back to tuesday.
fireworks at nick's aunt and uncle's house. have done it for years. love hanging out with the different families. love the kids playing together. and i don't mind mixing friends, ahem. {okay, so i don't give the invitation out to everyone. i do know some just won't mix.}

it was hot. so that day, john texted and asked what i thought about water balloons... got the okay from nick's aunt and uncle and the kids seemed to enjoy them. john and i, however, did not have a blast filling them. none of the adapters worked. and they just don't make those balloons like they did back in my day! 

we ran out of those pretty darn quick. headed into the back for some sprinkler fun!

oh wait, jason brought a giant sprinkler ball? woohoo! {we have one too. need to pull it out and use it more often!}
the kids had a blast. apparently, jay and chris taught the girls to use red solo cups to get larger amounts of water to splash everyone with. 

all five of em, checking it out.

5 + a dad. <3 i love hands on daddies. so thankful to have a husband who enjoys spending time with his child. so thankful that i have friends that are so hands on with not only their children but our friend's children as well. makes my heart smile.

some silly ben shots.

oh wait, i can drink this water?

then we headed out front and pulled out the parachute. had a few more join the festivities. 

oh it's getting darker. sparkler time!
the kids were so careful. they did a great job. ben only wanted one, so i got to use the rest of his!


the show is about to start!

i bought glow bracelets for the kids. love that they were a hit!

our child wanted to watch fireworks with john and laura. hence our kid-less selphie! 

and ben decided to come join us. so how what happens in the photo? we chop off his head! 

ha! not much better, right?

fourth of july.
nick had to work. so we made a quick trip to the scrambled dinner. like i need an excuse! :)
after breakfast, nick went to work and beans and i came home.

he was mesmerized by his tiny milk glass.

always so much food. 

i had the chorizo omelete. {okay, i checked out webster. how the hell is that spelled? such a strange word. no matter how i spell it, blogger doesn't think it's correct!}

then there was quite a tantrum on the way home. serious. i needed ear plugs. tried to snap a pic to send to nick because wee man's face was pretty ugly. lots of snot, tears, beet red. was impressive. i failed. he saw the mammarazzi coming.

had cleaned the cot we got from daycare for our trip to indy. he wanted to nap on it. so cute! 

once nick got home, we headed to his mom's house. had a nice dinner then headed to the beach!

love who ever is in the background catching the ball. ;)


another ball shot.

i love the beach. makes no difference. lake or ocean. just hearing the surf makes me happy.

ben wanted to be thrown into the water... can you sorta see him?

there he is!

a nifty new drink. thank you lady at the liquor store for telling me about them.

megan and nick and their lanterns. a few failed and fell into lake michigan. 

i always say i'm not going to photograph the fireworks. but i can't seem to help myself. at least i managed not to take any photos the previous night. 

family photo. 

someone was tired. 

sweet little munchkin feet with his glow bracelets.

kind of like a rocket? or a flower? 



i have a problem. 

after fireworks we went back to gigi's for a quick visit. ben collected all of the bracelets and wore them proudly!

such a busy and fun filled two days. loved it!

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