ten on tuesday. 7.10.12

- thoroughly enjoyed last week. yay for mini vacations. ;)
- i'm reading a book that i know i've read but i can't remember reading it. the joys of growing older!
- went to the library last week and they were vacuuming? i thought it was supposed to be a quiet place. my next stop was walgreens and they were vacuuming there too? maybe the universe was telling me i should have vacuumed my house!
- tried updating the blog yesterday and my silly computer was not cooperating. hoping to get some pictures up here soon. we've been busy!
- why if a decision has been made, will someone ask you for your thoughts/opinions? it doesn't make me feel like i've been included in the decision making process, it just seems like a waste of time.
- a certain little boy wasn't listening and i told him that it was making my heart sad. he paused. made a funny face and asked, 'is it happy now?'
- there is a snafu with parts for our pinterest party this month. thinking i still need to do something. maybe it'll be some sort of craft with ben when nick's on his 'no girls allowed' trip. {we could have gone, just chose not to join them this time.}
- thank you jamie for making me a channing tatum fan. so didn't want to see magic mike but i did enjoy the eye candy. watched 21 jump street right after and have step up next on my list!
- ben is outside grilling dinner and ben just picked the sides. i love not having to worry about dinner.
- thinking of selling/purging all my scrapbook goodies. i think if i pick it up again, i might do digi... tho i do like the feel of paper and glue. ack! gonna decide soon, i hope.

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