deep river.

deep river water park it's simply splash-tastic.
they have a pretty catchy logo. it tends to get stuck in my brain and take up residence whenever i hear it on the radio.
my aunt won season passes and generously gave them to us! there were four tickets. we offered the extra to my brother and he declined. our next choice was brianna and she was sooo excited when nick asked her if she was interested. ;)

i had been there once before. maybe when we were still in college. nick hadn't been there in ages either. we decided to pick up the passes and check it out the day after the fourth.  holy cow was it hot. seriously, we could barely even walk on the concrete. i know, i know. that's what shoes/flips are for. whatever.

couldn't decide where we wanted to sit. so we went with the bigger kiddie area that had some slides. we were a bit nervous because ben hated the giant pineapple that dropped the water at key lime cove and there was a giant bucket here. but he did okay. i think it wasn't as noisy since we weren't indoors.

there was a little spray fountain area that he loved.

and the little slide. which they totally need two more.

checking out the bucket from a far.

convinced him to sit on the spray fountains.

climbing with daddy.

cool dude. ;)

checking out the lazy river with momma.

riding in the tube with daddy.

we even ventured into the wave pool. he loved it. could not get enough!

headed to check out the smaller kids area.
he enjoyed that too. really, there wasn't much he didn't like.

then it was back on the lazy river. this time with momma.

bri and victoria.

somebody hopped ship.

one last trip to the wave pool.

we saw some pretty nasty clouds coming in, so we hurried up and got out of there. we didn't even make it out of the parking lot and ben was out. he is such a trooper. love him. 

the storms came in and they were pretty nasty. nick's car almost got blown over in the chik fil a parking lot. when we got home, it hadn't even rained. crazy!

had a great day and i hope we can work it out with our schedules to get there a few more times this season!

auntie, if you still read this crazy, little blog... thank you so, so much for thinking of us! we really appreciate it! xo.

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