wip 7.14.12

ben asked to go to braiden's park. {he meant the park we went to for braiden's birthday party.} so we did. ;)

thought it would be the perfect place to try out the rockets we bought at the children's museum.

ben showing daddy how the rockets go.

blast off!

very little time was spent at the actual park.

back to rockets!

 i swear it didn't hit him in the face!

we didn't realize when we headed to the park that it was movie night. i guess the town sets up a screen and shows a children's movie once a month. one of the families coming to see the movie, had a little girl that ben was smitten with! he totally stopped what he was doing and his mouth fell open and he just stared. so it begins, right?

sophia ended up coming over and playing with ben for a good 30 minutes. they were so cute. one would launch a rocket and the other would catch it and then take their turn. :)

and my view...


was a hot day. perfect for hanging out at the pool. yay for grandpa's pool!

the boys and their noodles.

kevin got a blue tattoo! apparently, the raft did not like his spf 100. 

mister fish.

and mister naked fish.

checking out the cucumbers. they are sooo good! seriously, i cannot get enough of them.


ben helping with breakfast. love that bed head. ;)

trying on his hat from gigi.

trip to target for a few necessities. and then some pool toys for grandpa's pool. ben asked to go back, and since we had no plans, we obliged. 

picnic lunch.

grandma reading a hot dog fact. i already forgot it.

blowing up my new swim toy. it's so awesome we bought another and are taking them on vacation. woot!

nick and kevin love that they have a little fetcher that they can lift over the edge of the pool to get lost balls!

nick trying to get a ball out of the neighbors yard. if only they believed in pruning their landscaping!

sharing a cherry popsicle. potsticle as ben calls it. with their matching blue goggles...

yup. it was warm and toasty in the pool. 

helping close up for the weekend.

back to target. might be a record for us. twice in one day. went back for more pool toys {for my parents and a few other odds and ends.}

ben hadn't napped yet. and rarely naps in public. i think we wore him out...

beaner napped the whole way to nick's mom's. we headed out that way to visit and spend some time with her after her procedure.

we tried to get ben to watch his own movie in his tent with headphones. 

we lost. as soon as we turned the movie on, he wouldn't stop watching. it was thor. and we know how he loves his super heros! probably not the best movie for a three year old. whatever. i blame nick. 

{sorry for nick's crazy red eyes...}

didn't stay long. just for dinner and a movie. was a long day and we were tired!

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