wip 6.30.12

so it's been crazy around here and this poor blog got lost in the shuffle. i'm pretty sure it's going to get a wee bit crazier before it settles down. had every intention of blogging last week, but when i got home on wednesday, our lone kitty was sick. had to rush chewbacca to the vet and he's been there ever since. actually, the boys are going to pick him up as i'm typing this. {hoping to fit in a few posts before they get here!} i'm trying to find time to squeeze everything in! then a close family member had surgery. some friends are having some serious dramas. and i guess life is just being life. so without further ado....

we had some pretty major storms roll through. chewy enjoyed watching! and i enjoyed that i timed it perfectly and didn't have to worry about my groceries during the down pours!

was last day of ben's daycare. so strange. i kinda got emotional about it. ugh. whatever.

i think his transition might deserve a whole post own its own. maybe. if i can get this schedule under control.

what ben's poor sand table looked like after those storms. there was no water in that table on thursday.

rip baby swing set. we did salvage the slide. something nice for the itty bitties when they visit.

and playing in his light house. he loves that thing. the roof had blown off the night before in a storm and he enjoyed playing in the puddle. 


i'm pretty sure the grown up boys played frisbee golf. i forget. and i'm too lazy to go check our calendar. so we'll just go with they played frisbee golf!

that afternoon we grilled. who knows what now... my memory is gone.
ben and his sand table. nick's grill. and a small piece of the book that i could not put down.

and some fun in the little blow up pool. i'm pretty sure that nick is staining the deck. still. i really hope it lasts as long as the can promises!

a blurry iphone pic. which ben loves taking.

and not letting momma finish her chores. i mean, who doesn't love warm laundry? it's the best!

and using daddy's disc golf frisbees as lily pads so he doesn't fall in the lava. ;)

was a rainy morning.
we decided to run out and play in it. until the lightening got a little crazy.

then it was time to go to my grandma's. had to celebrate her birthday!
that card on the table, she got a total of three of them. it's a grandma card. i picked one up, my brother picked the same one, and come to find out my cousin picked the same one too!

ben jumping through his popsicle sticks. yay for good pinterest projects!

these sugar free candies sure are hard to open.

and they aren't too terrible. 

grandpa made ben an awesome hat with his velcro sticks. yay cool grandpas!

 little stinker wouldn't take his finger out of his mouth for the yearly birthday shot.

wanted to do nothing before our crazy week! and it totally worked out that way. i love it when that happens. ;)

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