ten on tuesday. 7.12.11

- after attending his first parade, ben now thinks fire trucks give out candy. we saw one drive by a few days after the parade and he yelled out the window, 'more candy please.' and if you ask him about candy, he usually responds with fire truck somewhere in the answer.
- ben had his first major vomitting episode sunday evening. it was awful. i'm a nurse, i deal with vomit for a living,  and could barely stomach it. my husband is amazing.
- some of our neighbors fireworks were so awesome that nick walked into the next subdivision to ask them about it. he was completely jealous!
- had my first rolo mcflurry at mcdonald's and wasn't that impressed. not sure if i should be sad {that it was totally my new favorite treat} or happy {that i won't crave them on a regular basis}.
- am in love with sally hansen 'rockstar pink' nail polish. it's glitter. and it makes me sad that it's so difficult to remove!
- watched battlefield los angeles this weekend. it was okay.
- still reading pride and prejudice. i will be done before vacation so i can read some fun books! ;)
- nick and i went on a date last tuesday. a day date. had breakfast, saw bad teacher {good flick. not as funny as i thought it would be, but good...}, got my car washed {made nick help me vacuum and he told me he was never going on a date with me again!}, then we came home and did some house stuff around the house. so nice.
- was completely spoiled last week. i only worked two days. this week is going to seem like forever... i work my usual four days and close two nights. come on thursday!
- just bought a youswoop photography lesson. yay for friends who will go on fun adventures. ;-)

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