darkness falls...

i hate the end of daylight savings time. who wants to get up when it's dark and come home when it's dark. i certainly do not. i hope that indiana gets things straightened out with their decision. i guess, i don't mind. i mean, it's great to be on the same time as chicago. i would be beyond confused if we were different!
now i know i have said this before but i dispise traffic. it takes me around 30 minutes to go 10 miles to work everyday. well, nick and i drove downtown thursday for the concert and it took us 40 minutes. tell me how the heck that works. to go 45 miles it takes 40 minutes...but to go 10 miles it takes 30 minutes. did i mention that i hate traffic?!
caught a cruddy cold this past week. it was brewing as of friday. hit full force sunday...i think. i've slept most of the last three days. i did go to work yesterday. it's halloween. had to dress up and see everyone dressed up. went home early. had today off. originally, it was so nick and i could go get passports for our cruise in december. but i just couldn't get myself out of bed. slept over 16 hours just last night. oh well, i guess we will tackle that errand on a weekend. hopefully, i'm better for tomorrow. thank goodness doc's out of town, so we have a slower week. otherwise, i would probably have called off for tomorrow! i hate calling in sick....
felt bad for the poor trick or treaters yesterday. it was pouring rain. they were troopers. and nick and i were generous with the candy! i love seeing the little ones dressed up. so excited about all that candy that their parents aren't going to let them eat!
me with my ginormous witch hat at work!

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Jill said...

That sucker is HUGE! And WHO had the blue hair? SCARY! LOL!