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going on. it was one crazy week. nick and i stayed up way past our bed times to watch the sox in the world series. hey, if it took 88 years to get back there you never know when it'll happen again! so the series took up the beginning half of our week. then thursday we went downtown to see ben folds. honestly, it was phenomenal. THE best concert i have ever been too. i now have a new boyfriend that i am willing to quit my job for and follow around the world while he tours! :)
so the cool thing about having a concert downtown the day after the sox won was that i was able to snap some fun pictures! now please remember, we were driving down lsd {lake shore drive} where you must not slow down. i rolled down both driver's and passenger's side windows and began snapping away. got some good shots and some not so good. doesn't matter. the fact is that i have some and it's so stinking cool to say that we were there. here's my favorite. it was right in front of buckingham fountain...how freaking cool is this...

we've also had some craziness on the homefront. nothing serious... but nick had been working two jobs. poor guy was overworked and exhausted. we decided the extra money wasn't worth it and he was going to tell them that he was done with both sites and was just going to work one...well, he didn't have the opportunity. the company made some serious changes and now he is the full time pharmacist and the infectious disease site and will no longer have anything to do with the neuro one. sad for him. he started at neuro and loved everyone. it was just a job security thing. neuro wasn't doing so well and i.d. was so not too hard of a decision but one nonetheless. and nick is so not a decision maker!
my workload was a wee bit larger too. my manager was at a conference. so guess who was lucky enough to be in charge. sigh, yes, me. extra hours, extra responsibility. no more pay. so glad she's back. love her to death and never want her to leave.
hopefully, this week will slow down and let us both relax and unwind...and maybe even play some sudoku! ;)

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Jill said...

That photo is just AWESOME! Looks kind of spooky, actually! Good shot!