beyond tired.

yesterday there were no words for how tired i was. i was draggin the entire day.... a four hour monotonous drive surely didn't help either!
so this weekend was the michigan get-together. some may say boodlefest others boodlepalooza! it was such a fun time! awesome company, fantastic shopping, and wonderful memories.
i took friday off and drove up early. made good time except for the last 2o miles which took 1 hour! did some major shopping at the zone. i think i had the longest receipt of the trip there! almost as tall as me! but all pp and bazzill were on sale so that helped!
saturday hit 5 stores! in record time i'm sure...at least for 12 crazed shoppers. the bill for the entire excursion for all 12 women.. $2600! 8-) <--- he's my bug-eyed smiley! we had a mound of bags to say the least. we had several impromptu swaps which was so much fun. sunday we were up early and headed home again. can't wait to do it again. however, now i know to be well rested. i think i had 7 hours of sleep the whole weekend! when i got home yesterday i napped for 90 minutes. last night, i got about 9 hours and i still took a nap today. i am so glad that i took the day off! i've been reorganizing my area. pp are now organized by brand, cs by colour {liz that was for you and colleen!}, have my stamps in holders, all my brads are in my craft mate {thanks carmey!}, now i just have to figure out the embellishment nightmare! ack. gonna redo my entire rainbow iris cart. then i'm finished!! here's a quick pic. not the greatest due to lighting but it's all i got...for now!
the girls: back row: colleen, stephanie, rystn, monica, kelly, carmen, shan. front row: tracy, laura, carrie, liz, and chris!


Stacey said...

Sounds like fun!

Jill said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT time. And that's ALL the money ya'll spent????? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!