su doku.

i'm addicted. who knew a crazy little number game could grab my attention and have me addicted within minutes!
a coworker clipped a game out of the newspaper. i guess they are now doing one a day feature in the local paper. we figured it would be nice to copy and put out for patients to help pass the time. well, shoot. now that we have all played, there are no where near enough pencils in our office. it was sad because in between seeing patients yesterday i would whip out my grid and a pencil and get to it.
i brought it home for nick to play. he figured out the strategy and now i'm a master! :) i had to stop a borders to buy a gift for a relative and ended up with two darn books on it! then i came home to find a boat load of sites on the web! sudoku this one has got to be my favorite! if any of you decide to search out this addictive behavior, please feel free to share any links!
now you'll have to excuse me...i'm off to have a competitive friday evening of sudoku with the hubby! :)


Meredith said...

Ack! Now I'm hooked! LOL!

Thanks for the new game!

TracyDacy said...

Jared brought a "su doku" puzzle home last week or so. I tried to work it - gave up after about five minutes. I think I'm an idiot.

Stacey said...

I'm a little late...probably should post a few down. But love your gallery, everything is beautiful! Wish KNK allowed us to browse by person!