a new creative space...

might be in the works. nick and i have talked and looked for a new desk for me for quite some time. well, this weekend we spent sometime with his mom. the topic of our study was brought up and she offered to help us with the design. you see, she works at walter e. smite furniture. kinda pricey but hopefully they have some sort of family discount. his mom is really good at this whole interior decorator thing. i guess, she should be since it is her job...but sometimes it doesn't work that way! this is the sketch she sent us. sorry it uploaded funkily. it's all bookshelves and cabinets. i think it could be very cool. nick offered the side by the window for lighting purposes but i think if i take the side by the closet i would have that much more space!
but then again, there's the whole how much do we want to do if we are going to move in a few years... well, we have to live here now, so why not? maybe we can remove the shelving and everything and if we build, build a smiliar room. or if it can't be removed how will it affect the resale of the house. i mean we only have 3 bedrooms. would someone really like one taken for the study? ah, who cares. i think it might be a go. she just has to discuss the moola details with us. should know more wednesday!

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Jill said...

Looks great to me, Shan! And just don't attach the cabinets and you're good to go if/when you move. :-)

(BTW, you might want to get the thing so that you can't get spam in your blog)