so i have this thing with initials. i also make up words to go along with them. for instance, when i worked in the hostpital i needed a password to login to our computer system. well, my letters were D S F U. now...if you know me, you know i have a potty mouth. i really wish i didn't, and i'm trying to improve...but you can easily guess the word combination i came up with to remember that code!
before i got married, i always wondered what sp would stand for. i never had one for sm. my maiden name combo. so i have no clue why i was obsessed with creating one for my new initials. my lovely coworkers at the time helped with a few...status post, suprapubic, and some that aren't appropriate for posting {think dirty, you'll get there!}.
for some reason, one of the doctors i worked for started calling us by our initials. all of a sudden, you would hear 'sp. where's sp?' i'm pretty sure the same day, i cracked one of my trademark wise butt comments and he called me smarty pants. how perfect! sp = smarty pants. i told my mom. of course, she thought it was hysterical and a perfect fit. nick agrees too. i love it and am so glad that the word combo was stumbled upon.


Jill said...

*snicker* Okay, SMARTY PANTS! I'll remember that one. LOL!

Meredith said...

LOL! I have a major initial fettish too. Growing up, my initials were MRS, so everyone called me that (Mrs.) Now, they're MRS J, so it didn't change much, LOL! I had a heck of a time naming the boys. I was so preoccupied with their initials. (And don't even get me started on my new niece who's initials are ARF *sigh* )