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is it just me or does anyone else have a heck of a time reading this buggers? so a lot of sites have them and lately i cannot get them right. all the darn lines and squiggily majigs. what is that about? oh well, maybe it's just my old age. a first of many things, i shall complain about as i grow up!
had my evening planned. how to pack and bake. darn basement flooded. stupid sump pump or ejector pump or stupid water thingy. so frustrating. so thankful it wasn't worse. so happy we found it, early. nick is awesome. he told me not to worry. that he would arrange to be home for the plumbers. that i could leave for michigan as planned. gosh, do i love this man! he's a total sweetheart. and grateful that my mother convinced my lil bro to come over just in case nick can't make it in time! gotta love family...sometimes!
for some good news. our cleaning lady came today. alright. technically she is the cleaning lady but i feel strange calling her that since she is nick's cousin. i've always talked of having someone come clean the house every now and again...just never looked into it. or thought we could afford it. crystale is a kick arse cleaner. i swear, if she is moving...she's cleaning! well, she came today and did an awesome job. i'm so glad i did it. kinda nice to come home after a long day to a clean house. to not have to worry about mopping! yay!
and now starts my four day weekend. can't wait! getting more nervous/excited by the minute!

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Jill said...

Don't you just LOVE sump pumps? NOT! Try having a sludge pump backup though. That's even worse. YUCK! I hope that it didn't do any damage to your house, though. And I hope you have a GREAT trip!