busy bee...

so work is busy as usual and i try to make home time, down time. a time for me, for us, to just relax and enjoy. but this week is an exception. tomorrow i get my hair done. no biggie but still not a night at home. thinking of going browner for fall. we shall see. thursday we are going to a chicago white sox game with two of our friends. the tickets were free. hopefully, decent. and it should be a gorgeous fall evening. friday i have to work on a brad swap that i hosted. saturday is our down day and sunday we are going apple picking. gonna get some cool fall pics i hope. can't wait to pick some pumpkins too!
the following week isn't soo crazy but the weekend should be a blast. heading to detroit to meet some fellow knk members. never met someone that i've only known online in person before, so kinda nerve wracking at the same time! but it should be neat to spend time with people who enjoy my hobby as much as i do. kinda stinks since none of my friends nor family scrapbook so they don't really understand!
and i'm super stoked about a concert we are going to attend. it's ben folds!! i absolutely, positively love him! it's gonna be such a great concert. nick and i <3>

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Jill said...

No way! BlondieBoodle going DARKER?????? Say it isn't so! That said, enjoy your time in MI! I bet you'll have a blast. :-)