i really dislike...

four day work weeks. i absolutely love a three day weekend, who doesn't? i just dispise going back to work after them. i mean, it's complete and utter chaos. trying to fit in all the patients who are normally seen on monday into the other days of the week...then have management schedule a mandatory meeting for friday morning, so the office is closed for part of that day too. where the heck are these people supposed to go? okay, fine. it wouldn't be SO bad if we weren't short two people. yes, everyone deserves a vacation...but not after a holiday! :) that and the fact that another is no longer employed with us. just makes for frustrating times and exhausted shannon!
thankfully, i love the majority of my coworkers. yes, we all have our days and can get on each other's nerves. but that is part of being a family, right? ;) no matter how hairy the job or the situation it's always better when you are surrounded with people that you like and care for. this is so the case where i work. it can be frustrating when you are busting your butt and you feel that there is another person slacking off. it seems easier when you know that everyone is working just as hard as you are, if not harder. it's awesome to know someone so well, you know how they are going to respond to a situation, what they are going to say. it's refreshing to be so stressed yet be able to laugh so openly and freely.
i haven't had very many jobs in my time span...but i honestly can say that this is by far the best job i have had. challenging, rewarding, fun all at the same time.
it's funny how the scariest steps in your life can turn out to be the best ones. i almost didn't take this job. silly, i know. i'm just such a chicken. i love my safety/comfort zone and i was so in it when i was approached with this. but i was so intrigued by the office job! but also so very overwhelmed as to what nick and i were going thru at the time: his graduation, our marriage, buying a new house. i wasn't sure i could handle adding job change into the mix. i mean, that is a lot to do in less than one month's time!
i can't say i didn't look back either. because i did. thought of all the skills i would be losing, the new surgical procedures i wouldn't be learning... but i had to realize that nursing isn't just the hospital. it's not that one aspect that was so drilled into my brain at school. that working in oncology could be just as challenging and rewarding as any other field. the constantly changing treatments and therapies. the growing with a patient through everything instead. and so many other things.... so all the stress and second guessing was definitely worth it. even during our crummiest days at the office it can hardly compete with the even crummier days in the hospital!
ack. that was so longer than expected. but i guess that is just what happens when i let my fingers loose!!

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Meredith said...

I completely understand your hatred of 4 day weeks. We have the same problem. Even though we ARE open on the holiday, everyone seems to think we aren't. So, we make up for it the rest of the week. Ugh.

I know what you mean about loving your co-workers too (Even when they drive you absolutely insane). I love knowing that we can speak for each other on most occasions. I like knowing what they will say and knowing that they know what I'll say. Of course, they still make me crazy sometimes!!