ready for some football!

i am so ready. i love football. i love the fact that nick and i love football together. that we can cuddle on the couch for hours just watching football.
i remember being little and watching football with my dad. i even had a birthday party that was in honor of the 85 bears. i'm a dork i know... what little girl has a football party? what little girl draws a poster of the fridge? one who's dad got her to sit with him while he yelled at the teams! cracked me up. never understood why men yell at the television. now i just chuckle because at some random moment nick or i just may be yelling at the t.v.! i swore i would never do that. what have i become?! :o)
today was our first day of lounging. watched those darn bears lose. seriously, what else is new? getting ready to make some dinner and watch the espn game on high def. did i just say high def? i swear, nick is wearing off on me!!!

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Meredith said...

LOL! So funny!!