i need it. and today i had a wee bit, so i decided i'm gonna start working out. i know i say that and then never do. but things have got to change. i'm tired of feeling lazy. you see, i truly am one of the laziest people you will meet. but once i get up and actually do something, i feel sooo much better. refreshed, energized, sore! ;)
so saturday nick and i have a date to go to the gym. we are gonna do a couple membership and plan to meet 3 days a week after work. it's so great that now we both work in the same vacinity. having a partner thru this just may make it so much more fun. er, tolerable!

and i got my first knk dt kit today...fun! can't wait to start playing with the goods!!!

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Stacey said...

You can do it! I too decided to start working out August 1st and by some miracle, I am still doing it....and I'm lazy too! Good luck!
Have fun with your new DT stuff!