ten on tuesday. 4.17.12

- ben is sick. again. {crazy fevers mostly in the middle of the night.}broke my heart when he asked me to stay home with him on monday instead of dadda. made it up to him by ditching volleyball to hang with my lil love bug. xo.

- went through and cleaned out my cookbook collection. i have a problem. ;) the library will be receiving a hefty donation soon!

- found free rice again. how did i forget about this site? and now, they've changed it. there's a bigger variety of quizzes. no more vocab only. um, my geography could use some work!

- really wanted to open up shannon's school of driving again this morning. if there is a turn lane, get in it. not halfway in that one and halfway in mine.

- we are some how obsessed with this show. it started as a joke. i put it on after we had a visit from a family member who enjoys mindless tv and now we can't get enough. and ben likes the auction guy's voice!

- was putting away supplies at work today, and read something on one of the glove boxes that has me scratching my head... '100 gloves by weight.' what? how does that work? especially when sometimes the gloves are flawed and have some lumpy pieces of rubber on em. no wonder we end up with an odd glove now and then.

- ben dipped his yellow pepper in gatorade at dinner today. ah, whatever. he ate it. that's what counts, right?

- the one news station i listen to on the way home was giving the forecast and the guy kept saying we were going to have thunder showers. wha? had to do a search when i got home to determine the difference...

- trying to figure out this i cloud stuff. yay for nick upgrading my macbook. hopefully, i'll have it all figured out by the time we own an ipad! and i'm thinking/hoping this will maybe push me into the world of digital scrapbooking. i've tried. but i miss paper... if it's so easy that i can do it anywhere without uploading photos, i just might be convinced! :)

- went to the post office today. forgot it was tax day. um, we file in like february. makes me nervous otherwise! had a package i wanted to get to someone and completely slipped my mind. thankfully, i timed it right and was only in there for like 5 minutes. the line when i left was atrocious!

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