ten on tuesday 4.10.12

- holy shit. check out this link if you are a draw something fan. seriously, they put my pen and paper drawings to shame, let a lone my silly little stick figures. me thinks they're using an ipad and a stylus. or at least, that's what i'm going to tell myself so i feel better. ;)

- i think fresh cut grass is my favoritest smell ever. and strange that i'm smelling it so early this year. some random other favorite smells: gasoline {yeah, i'm weird.}, ben freshly bathed and slathered in baby lotion, lilacs, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, bleach {but in that freshly cleaned scent not the overly used, sterilized smell.}, bonfires/campfires, and the list could go on and on but those are off the top of my head.

- have heard my ringtone multiple times on the radio and i'm afraid it's going to confuse me and i'm going to miss a call. debating on if i should change it or not.

- i'm pretty sure the guy driving the jeep next to me the other day can take his snow plow off the front...

- when i ask you, 'how are you? anything new going on? anything the doctor should know about?' and you smile at me sweetly and say, 'no, i'm fine.' and then i find out you have scabies and a few of your relatives do too, that would be considered important information!! not something to mention casually after you've been in my office for over thirty minutes. blech! {and you're welcome if i have made you itch!}

- i have the sweetest lil boy. he asked me to come to the door easter sunday, he was outside playing, so he could give me a kiss.

- made a lot of new pinterest recipes for the holiday: ham and pickle dip{i modified it. too lazy to link since i changed it so much. if you want my version, let me know. was really yummy.}, cucumber dill deviled eggs {i used all of the yolks. couldn't bear to waste em.}, broccoli and gruyere gratin {feel free to add more broccoli. might even add some cauliflower next time.}, a steak marinade but i didn't eat steak and nick printed the recipes, so i have no clue where it came from {and i totally modified that too!}, a chicken marinade that i posted here before, and a dill dip that was uber tasty but i have no idea where i got that from either! oh and an orange, wine, sprite thing. much better after it sat for a day!

-was supposed to play indoor volleyball yesterday. decided against it last minute, so nick went by himself. well, not really with friends but without me. felt good to sit home and do nothing after our busy weekend. think i'll go next week to at list give it one try.... maybe.

- i feel like i'm sleeping less now that ben is in his toddler bed. i'm nervous that he's going to be standing over and i'm going to wake up and scream or something and we're both going to be traumatized! not to mention the getting up and wandering around the house, which he has not done yet. knock on wood!

- made a big to do list today. love lists. love crossing items off my list. loving lists more after pregnancy brain which hasn't seemed to go away. can i blame the above mentioned sleep deprivation?

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