wip 4.21.12


nick stayed home! we had alyson's wedding in the evening, and we didn't want to risk him being stuck at work.

we took ben to daycare and then headed out to breakfast. it had been ages since we had been to the scrambled diner, so we ventured out.

got a ton done. finished up ben's fundraiser stuff for school, finished our dinner menu and grocery list for the week, sorted coupons, chatted, enjoyed our meal and each other. ;)

his was tastier than mine. that rarely happens. i tried the orchard omelette. eh. nick got one of the daily specials: cajun skillet. so good. 

then it was time to run a zillion errands: target, stracks, goodwill, gamestop, the library, the bank. phew. i'm tired thinking about it all over again!

came home and tried to nap. so didn't happen. oh well. didn't get much of anything done when we got home. i think we over did it on the errand front!

made it to the hotel with plenty of time to spare. were able to relax and visit with friends a bit before alyson and timmy's wedding.

wedding time!
cute little welcome package for staying at the hotel. {which was totally worth it when we found out what time ben woke up saturday morning. despite the alphi sigma psi omicron epsilon theta delta kappa convention that took place and the stepping and loudness that went on in the hallway until like 3 am.}

sleep number bed! nick was in heaven. 

awe, so pretty. ;)

enjoying some cocktails and hors de vours.

her amazing cake!

 table shot.

the couples.

bitchy friends forever! xo.

yay! the bride visited our table. 

showing alyson  julie's text. val was checking out aly's girls... ;)

fun with the peacock feathers. 

i tried a five hour energy. me no likey.

love miss photobomber.

because i love him. another pic.

playing with the photo props. not the greatest pic since nick waited til the professionals were done.

more feather fun. 

 yay friends.

casper slide. or maybe the cha cha slide. it was a good wedding. they played all three!!!

the happy couple.

got up and headed home.  had a first birthday party to attend!

little miss sage enjoyed her cake. ;)

the kids enjoyed the bouncy house. and we may have found a new birthday destination! 
ben with miss gabby and miss drea.

ben found the ball! mister raymond joined in on the action!

so we came home and all climbed into our bed and napped. but then i guess ben nudged nick out of ben, over two hours later, ben and i were feeling pretty darn refreshed!

didn't do much the rest of the evening. needed time to rest up from the previous 24 hours!


a perfectly lazy day filled with puzzles and play doh! well, at least that is all i took pictures of! and it's probably a good thing since this is a picture heavy post...

a much needed and relaxing day spent with my two favorite people. ;)

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