twelve on tuesday. 4.3.12 {key lime cove edition.}

had a mini get away with the fam and our besties and their kiddos. good times!

so crazy to think that our adventures now include our children. my how we've grown. ;)

photos soon, i hope. we got home today and we've got a lot on our plate for this shortened week. but i'm gonna try my hardest...

 some random things i jotted down in my phone during our time away. and yes, it may make absolute no sense to someone who wasn't there. but that's okay. it's my our memories. and i read off the ones i had put in our phone for our white water rafting trip almost two years ago, and we laughed hysterically at some of them. such a fun reminder to have. {and i can't believe they aren't on here. i've gone back and looked... and i didn't even blog about the trip. bad shannon!}

- ben told me that he was going to the water park. then pointed at me and said, 'momma, you can't go. you didn't listen this week.'

- i asked nick to circulate some air on the drive there. his car is a bit too fancy for me. and after two years of ownership, i can barely work the radio let alone the heat/air. about ten minutes later, my ass is on fire. some how he managed to turn the butt warmers on while he was pushing a zillion buttons!

- we always play trivia on car rides. sporcle is a fav. {would love suggestions, if you have em.} and we were doing a word ladder. {for those who may not know, in a ladder, you can only change one letter to get to the next word. ours was a music theme. and the word we were on was barn. the clue was 'ozzie album ____ at the moon.' someone yelled howl! um, pretty sure they forgot how that game worked. the correct answer was bark. and i had to pause the game because i was laughing so hard.

- i thought there were clowns in the wave pool. but really, it was just a group of people with tie died swim caps on. had to point them out to everyone and they agreed.  they looked like clowns.

- not my favorite game. but i laughed so hard i almost peed. actually, i think we all came pretty close!

- who lists their hours from 'friday to thursday'? because it took chris and i quite some time to figure out that meant daily.  yes, completely embarrassing. oh well, the boys didn't catch on right away either.

- had some super awesome wrist bands that did everything for us. when we checked in, the lady marked ours with x's. apparently, nick and i both asked if that meant we could have liquor and not be carded! seriously, we must be on the same brain waves. we weren't even near each other when the other said it. awesome! ;)

- a completely sweet part of the trip, when wynnie announced unprompted that the best part of the trip was that nick, shannon, and ben were here. xo!

- and who knew that we had to unplug all the phones for the above mentioned munchkin?!

- why oh why do people insist on crowding elevator doors? seriously!?! we have to get off before you can get on. move!

- ben loved the arcade. but mostly the racing games. i think the motorcycle one was his favorite.

- and wtf is wrong with people.... we were in the kiddie area and this parent let his child pee over the drain in the middle of the walkway. um, not cool. so not cool. put him in swim diapers if he isn't potty trained. or walk your lazy ass to the bathroom. so totally gross.

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Kache said...

What a fun trip. I love the idea of saving the comments from a trip and looking at them a year or two later.

I really need to update my board games.

And I'm totally in agreement with the elevator doors. I've started having awkward showdowns on the elevators at work.