ten on tuesday 3.19.13

- happy birthday dad! ;)

-i believe people should be taught doorbell etiquette. had three little girl scouts ring the crap out of the bell sunday during ben's nap. was so irritated. then the one little shit pulled the door open as i was holding it. what is that?

- finally decided that i cannot put skim milk in my coffee. only in my super sugary starbucks drinks.

- saw a 'god dit' license plate the other day. took me quite some time to 'get it.' ;)

- i really dislike people who expect freebies and hand outs.

- not sure what i think about the cool ranch taco. totally have to try it soon. i do enjoy the regular dorito taco.

- so annoyed by people who drive randomly through parking lots. there are rows for a reason people!

- feeling like this is a very negative post. oops.

- ben's bed is soooo close to being done. the only thing left is stain. go, nick, go!

- bought a dress for easter... looks like it's going to be like 30 degrees out. seriously, i miss last year's warm weather. bring back the 80' saint patrick's day please. oh well, at least it's light out longer.

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