wip 2.9.13


beaner enjoying some phone time.

i wasn't feeling the greatest, so we decided to have family movie night. ben picked ice age 4, again. he was obsessed for like 2 weeks.

breakfast at jelly.

working on letters while we waited for our food.

they had cinnamon roll waffles. had to try one. ordered the country fried skillet again. so good.

went to big and little and got ben some new shoes. surprisingly, his feet hadn't grown too much in the past three months. but he saw these 'bumblebee' shoes. we got em. he's rough on his shoes. pretty much wears one pair all day every day. and ben thinks they make him super fast, so i think it was a good purchase. ;)

stopped at target for some odds and ends. ben wanted me to take a picture of his new shoes...

and was pretty excited about his blue slushie.

came home and napped. well, ben and i did. then my family came over for birthday dinner.

k and nick making pigs in a blanket.

nick's favorite...

i wanted a birthday cookie. ben wanted to blow out my candles!

someone is a huge fan of frosting. i think he is channeling his inner 'uncle bob.' my uncle bob would steal frosting from any cake. i don't think he got my wedding cake, but then again, i can't remember that far back!

watched frankenweenie when they left. i fell asleep but i don't think it was what i had expected.

got to pick the grown up feature. chose this means war. was pretty cute.

deciding on paint colors for ben's new room.

yes, i'm going from gray to gray. nick thought i was crazy but there are so many different grays!

had it narrowed down to three. once we had them folded and put next to one another, we realized we picked the same color three times!
at least we know that we wanted that color! and i promise they were the same. the picture makes the middle one look a bit different.

my most amazing birthday card for the wee man.

35 degrees on my birthday is unheard of.... and rain! no snow!

even ninjas have to pee. ;)

and take naps.

then we headed to a family get together with my godparents. my god brother graduated with his masters? and his brother was in from houston and i haven't him in like 4 years!

so sweet that they added my birthday to andy's cake.

drawing with grandma.

carol with ben. opening his christmas presents. {i told you we don't see each other very often!}

the grad and birthday girl. i look so short!

ben loves andy. and i think andy loves ben. here they were sharing ben's phone and playing subway surfers. ben forgot andy's name and called him 'tall man!'

fun with monkeys with carol and joan.

sweet boy. has a killer fruit punch mustache and monkey earings...


foosball! ben could have played for hours. well, nick too!

stayed at the party way longer than we had anticipated. came home and crashed. didn't do too much but with not feeling well, it seemed like a lot!

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