wip 2.23.13

headed to lowes and costco. picked up the last few things for ben's new closet and costco, well, it's costco!

could not believe how empty it was... especially for a friday night.

ben wanted to check out the movies one more time, so uncle k took him. then ben took off running. k was impressed at his lightening quick speeds! and he did a great job of keeping ben nearby.

fun with bean bags.

once ben went to bed, we watched prometheus. k stayed to visit and his girlfriend joined us. i fell asleep. just remember thinking that it was a strange movie.

took beans to see escape from planet earth.  ben and his snackie.

he totally enjoyed the movie.
{the following is my edited instagram pic.}

convinced nick to spend a dollar to try and win some toys. of course they didn't win. but ben had a blast. well worth the money.

nick headed to work right after the movie and ben and i went home.
nick stopped for some odds and ends from the grocery store and surprised me with home made french bread pizzas for dinner. yum.

nick headed upstairs and finished ben's closet. ben and i chilled on the couch.

mister silly decided he couldn't use his hands to eat his cheese balls? only his grapes. boys!

lazy morning. decided to top my bagel with bacon. was too lazy to eat separately, i guess. 

some snuggle time on the couch with my boys.

he hopped couches. i think he wanted more space.

tried to finish off the last of the hawaiian punch. nick was insistent on snapping a pic.

see previous wordless wednesday post. it totally helped. will do this with all future rxs!

trying to decide where to start painting.

here they go!

ben wanted to help. made him strip down to his skivies. figured paint on some underwear was no big deal.

the room went from gray to gray. the first one was a bit purple-y. this one is more green-ish.

awesome shot of the moon from our bedroom window.

a little blurrier view.

ben finally getting to help.

needed a union break for some snackies.

he's back.

clearly, he's enjoying himself.

nick was able to finish up the painting. {which looks awesome. so happy with the color we chose.} i watched the oscars.

phew. can you believe i'm almost up to date. fingers crossed!!!!

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