ten on tuesday 3.5.13

- saw a mini van with racing stripes. does it make them cooler?

- nick was reading ben a book and they came across the word 'will'. ben asked nick, 'like will.i.am?' ben has asked who else sings when miss spears sings her song. he's big on learning names. he really likes adam levine too.

- was driving to work and saw a lake central student with her hair in pigtails, black and pink sunglasses, and funky neon colored knee high socks. texted bri and asked if it was 80s day? she said it was nerd day!

- had to explain to a coworker why we were concerned that my doctor took a trip to turkey and was debating stopping by home, in syria. told her there has been a civil war there for a few years. she said, 'really? who are they fighting?' oy.

- learned that siamese cats are talkers. who knew? explains a lot about chewbacca.and his high maintenance-ness.

- thought march would be less busy than february. i was wrong and we're only 5 days in!

- our keurig died! trying to figure out our replacement... suggestions?

- uploaded all of the february's pictures to the blog. hope to find time to edit and publish those posts to get back on track with my wip posts. i feel like it's a constant battle! contemplate giving em up often, but then think it's my version of project life, so it's staying!

- took advantage of today's snow storm and hit the sledding 'hill' by our house with the coopers. {the retaining pond was perfect for the kids... and jay and chris and nick!}here's the instagram collage. need to do a whole post on our snow day. ben, braiden, and wynnie had a blast!

- have a new snack addiction: graham cracker, peanut butter, chocolate chips, and strawberry jelly. yummy!

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