wip 3.2.13

had turned the tv on and meant to turn on sportscenter and put some laundry away... got distracted, and didn't realize that i had left disney jr. on for who knows how long. i guess i can tune it out pretty easily!
 ignore the crazy hue in this picture. it's weird... but whatever.}

started sorting books in ben's old room. of course, he had to hoard like a million books and wanted his own bin to put them in.

while we sorted books, nick was steam cleaning the carpet in the other room. then once ben was asleep, we watched the watch. well, i feel asleep. ;)

ben enjoyed some of his new ikea bookshelves. these are going to be the stairs to his loft.  mister daredevil asked if he could jump off.... the top one! at least he knows to ask?! oy.

headed upstairs to measure again.

wanted to make sure the bed size was sufficient. had a hard time deciding between a twin and a full. {we ended up with twin.}

ben and i had date night while nick played volleyball. couldn't convince him to watch a movie with me. so i was stuck watching disney jr! someone asked for a late night snackie... he wanted pb and j. ;)

my mom came and watched ben for a bit so we could run some errands. i could not believe that fourth of july stuff is out at joann's! what is that?

found awesome fabric for ben's closet 'doors'. so stoked. hope i don't eff it up when i sew them!

love that lowes has these baskets. they were my favorite part of shopping at walgreens, which i have been boycotting. but anywho.

lumber selection. took forever! {and he ended up returning a bunch because it was still not straight enough.}

came home and then ran back out. tax time! so glad it's over. ben was a little confused on how to sit in a chair while we were there.

my brother came over after and helped nick with constructing the loft. so glad he was here. no way i would have been able to help nick while ben was awake. they had a super productive afternoon/evening and got it mostly done. yay!

so hard to complete this massive project with such little bits of time.  i'm okay with the little details not being completely done when ben moves in. but the bed totally needs to be done!

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