wip 3.26.11

total slacker on the blog this week.
life's been a bit busy...  lots going on. but that's okay.  something just had to give and it just so happened to be a few blog posts!

crazy busy few days last weekend!
i'll start with thursday since it was wee man's birthday! but i'll also add that monday since we celebrated then too.

festivities with nick's dad's side of the family. at our monthly family night dinner.

our new birthday banner. {just saw the price went up, so glad i bought it when i did!}

 ben loves pressies!

sometimes i think he loves standing on big boxes more! 

checking out his new clubs.

being a patient boy and waiting for us to sing to him. i have no clue why i only put one candle on there. maybe because it was just a tiny little treat?!?

do you think i can fit this whole thing in my mouth?

fast forward a few days...

ben stayed home with daddy. had fevers on and off for most of the day...
i brought him a pressie when i got home from work. thank you brandee and fam. ;)

crayola has some new colored bubbles. fabulous! i even bought some for ben's easter basket.

uh, not so fabulous. although the bottle said washable, it was nearly impossible to get off of ben and the carpet. who knew they couldn't be used indoors? needless to say, i will be returning the ones for his easter basket. ;( i'll give the blue ones another shot... but only outdoors!!

then grandma and grandpa stopped by for a visit. just brought beaner some balloons. 

and of course, the bow on head shot.

ben was so tired he went to bed by 530... didn't wake up until the next morning. poor guy!

lazy day at home until ben's 2 year check up.
when we got home we were finally able to open his presents from us. a few books, his camera, a drum, and some blocks. nothing major.

friday evening was an impromptu dinner date with nick's mom. was nice that she came because i got to see my boyfriend in a movie. and i totally give the movie two thumbs up!

used our new juicer! yay for credit card rewards!

and ben enjoyed some peanut butter and celery. 

say cheese!

saturday afternoon was the twin's birthday party.
ben totally enjoyed their cupcakes!

a quick trip to lighthouse mall. yay for quick and relatively inexpensive shopping trips!

that afternoon was family night with nick's mom's side.

lots of pictures courtesy of the fabulous miss megan. ;)

cousins: noah, ben, and gabby.

i don't think ben has quite figured out how to use his birthday present!

his face cracked me up...  it's like he's having a stand off with mr. t rex or something.

just think this is hilarious. an every day, not so perfect shot. love it.

two candles this time?!

um,  this is tasty. {i only used 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar}

and a not so happy ben when it was all gone!

crazy good weekend. nice to have some random down time after the past few weekends! looking forward to one last birthday party this weekend.

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Kache said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ben!
Looks like he had a great time.
The picture with the dinosaur is really cute