wip 3.12.11

met a friend at the mall and hung out in the play area. ben totally enjoyed himself. would have had an even better time if he would have napped before we went. oh well! can't complain, he was well behaved.

ben loved the merry go round. more on that later...

sliding down in the ben preferred position.

cutie. that hair was out of control from his hat! loved the little front park poking up. ;)


look at those little feetsies!

curious ben.

then we came home and napped!

that evening was dinner at bartlett's with the family.

and albert einstein was at dinner!

had the empire guy out for an estimate. holy not cheap. visited a local place who totally had better pricing. trying to figure out what we're gonna do in the future about our carpet... fun times.

had to run out to costco. found out some friends wanted to go to the mall, so we decided to meet up and let the kiddos play.

ben got to the ride the round and round at the mall!
he was in complete awe. guess all that pointing at it the day before was legit. he really loved it!

would be cute minus my crazy hair!

love little miss drea's face in the background. she's a photo crasher!

the kids enjoying their ice cream treat.

ben decided to hang out in the girls' stroller with drea.

i had to try some of gabby and drea's ice cream and have a crazy blue mouth...

then it was off to get pedicures! the main reason john and bill were going to the mall. so we all got them!

john and shan

bill and the kids. love this one. nick did good!

blurry nick. had to have proof that he did it too!

and i found this one on the camera. love when there's a random fun one!

then it was dinner at portillo's. yum.

lazy day. coupons. and shopping. sometimes we just need those!

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